Why program?

Programing is something that  took up years ago as a hobby when I first started to play around with Linux.  Back then, it was a basic requirement to use most of the Linux distros it seemed.  At first I, I had to get to accustomed to the whole notion of computer languages,  source code, compilers and so fourth and that can be hard thing when you are trying to learn on your own.  Fortunately for me, Sun Microsystems released the Java programing language around that time.  Java, unlike most of the other programing languages (C, Tcl/Tk, Perl) I was playing around with, provided a very strait forward way to write programs.  A few books, web sites, and many, many hours later, I started to get a feel for the language and the type of programs that can be created with it and I loved it.  From that point forward, I made it a point to try to apply my programing skills to my research work.  Initially, the programs created were simple and didn't really do  much, but as time went on, I started to create programs that I now find indispensable.  Indispensable because they are all in a sense 'Task Oriented".   They are created to do a certain task, but do it extremely well.  The realization of just how much help these programs have been to me, encouraged me to starting up my own company, Instras Technologies, to deliver custom software solutions to small research labs.