Streak Camera System

The goal of this projects was to extend our current streak camera system so that we can acquire both time-resolved and steady-state emission data.  After acquiring two HR4000 fiber optic spectrometers (50 um, 100 um slits, 200-1100 nm) they were couple it to system using a dual output fiber optic probe.  The InstruView program was extended to integrate the data from the streak camera, as well as the HR4000.  The set works good so far, but samples with the strongest fluorescence gave the best results.  Also, with this system, we can now see the spectral differences that are due to excitation with the femtosecond laser, or a Xenon lamp.

Streak Camera Setup
Simplified diagram showing the streak camera system, coupled to the Ocean Optics HR4000 spectrometers.

HR400 Spectrometers
The two HR4000 Spectrometers sitting on top of the streak camera.