Spin Coater System

Update, September 2014 -- Due to continued interest in my original "Home-Built" Spin Coater, and success of the SCK-100 design, I am now offering the SCK-200 and SCK-200P spin coater kits.  These kits improve on the SCK-100 by inclusion of a versatile Digital Controller, which allows for greater control of the spin coating process.  Moreover, they are stilled priced at less than $600 (see instras store), making them significantly cheaper than commercial spin coaters.  Purchasing one of those kits will save Time and Money, compared to building one yourself.

These fully assembled, modular kits come with everything needed for R&D spin-coating work
SCK-100 Spin Coater kit


500 - 6,000 RPMs
User Manual (pdf)

SCK-200 Spin Coater Kit


500 - 6,000 RPMs
User Manual (pdf)

SCK-200P Spin Coater Kit


500 - 9,000 RPMs
User Manual (pdf)

SCK Users

Key Features

  • Low Cost - Much cheaper than commercial spin coaters
  • Compact Size - Spin Chamber has 6" x 6" foot print
  • Easy to Setup and Use - Setup and use in less than 5 minutes (see video below)
  • Digital Control - Greater control of coating process.
  • Light Wieght - Shipping weight of less than 4lbs
  • No Lead Time - It's in Stock, it Ships
  • No Vacuum Pump - Just plug into an A/C power source.
SCK Applications

Setting Up Spin Coater Out Of The Box from Instras Scientific on Vimeo.

Configuring and Using your SCK 200 / 200P
from Instras Scientific on Vimeo.

Play video to see the simple seteup and use of the SCK-100 kit

If you are interested in this kit, and not ready to purchase, please send an email to sales@instras.com
.  You will be contacted in a timely manner.


Though fully functional as a spin-coater, the SCK-200 kits do have some limitations.  Firstly, for best performance, sample size should be less than 2 sq. inches since the samples are held by adhesive tape (this has proven effective at holding glass slides (3/8” x 1”) in place, up to 10,000 rpm).  Bigger size sample can of course be used, but performance might not be optimal.

Also, since there is only basic ramp functionality, the ability to optimize the spinning process is limited.  In short, based on your particular application, this unit can be all you need, and if it is not, then a commercial spin-coater can be purchased.