[ DOWNLOAD ] (38 kb jar file)

This is a simple program for handling (FL)uorescence (im)ages of cells which have been tagged with some kind of fluorescence probe.  Its primary function is to perform image enhancement, and to allow the relative fluorescence intensity between images to be quickly compared.  Relative intensities are computed using a pixel sampling method, in which the weighted average of the most intense pixels (based on the red, green, or blue value) within a specific range.

So far, it seems to work pretty well for the images I have tried, but if you are interested in doing something fancier with your images, you would be better of using Photoshop, Gimp, or one of the other professional photo editing programs.

Being a Java based program, it should be able to run on any OS that has the latest JRE installed.  You can download the most current version of the program as a 38 kb *.jar file here.  To run, simple save to desktop, and double click.  The source code can be downloaded here.

User manual? Unfortunately I have not had time to write one yet, but here are a few pointers for using the program. You can also just email me, and I would be happy to answer any other questions.

Please note:
Permission to use, copy and modify this software and its documentation for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes is granted, without fee, provided that an acknowledgment to the author, Nathan Stevens at casilab10.sci.ccny.cuny.edu/~nathan, appears in all copies. Nathan Stevens makes no representations about the suitability or fitness of the software for any or for a particular purpose. Nathan Stevens shall not be liable for any damages suffered as a result of using, modifying or distributing this software or its derivatives.

FLim screenshot

Screenshot of the program running on a Linux machine with JRE 1.5.  The white crosses indicate the points that were sampled to calculate the intensity.

fluorescence image
Raw image
enhanced fluorescence image
Enhanced using a scaling factor (SF) of 3