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Download the latest 0.6 version for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux here. 

You can also get a Zip Archive of the program which contains the source code.  To run change to directory where you unziped the archive and entter the InstruView directory execute the "instruview" shell script on Unix, Linux, or Mac OSX. On Windows, double click on the instruview.jar file.

As of version 0.3, I have added the ability to import acsii data files from any absorption, emission, raman and time-resolved emission (decay profiles only) instruments,  into their respective "Experiment Panels".  There is also a "XYData Experiment Panel" that can hold virtually any X,Y data.  To use these feature, go to the File>Import>XYData menu, select the files then hit OK.  This should pop up the "XYData Importer" dialog.  The only difficult part is figuring out the REGEX string to locate the data in the file.  If you need any help with this, you can send me an email containing the ascii data file.

Please note:
This program makes use of the excellent JFreeChart API and the Regression class from Dr. Michael Thomas Flanagan.

Permission to use, copy and modify this software and its documentation for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes is granted, without fee, provided that an acknowledgment to the author, Nathan Stevens at "", appears in all copies. Nathan Stevens makes no representations about the suitability or fitness of the software for any or for a particular purpose. Nathan Stevens shall not be liable for any damages suffered as a result of using, modifying or distributing this software or its derivatives.

February, 2009
Added version 0.6 to site.  This release contains a graphical installer, simplified user interface, and preliminary support for interacting with the Igor program using the SOCKIT package for Igor. Contact me for more information on this functionality. The following features still need to be completed:
  • Add better support for importing generic ASCII X,Y data files
  • Improve the FRETView plugin.
  • Further improve customization of plots
  • Write user and programmers guides

Sample Data Files

Absorption, emission, and streak camera Spectra Data List (*.sdl)  files of rhodamine 590 (R6G) samples in solution and in a sol-gel film.